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Blueserver Down Again?

Sunday 30 September 2007 @ 2:37 pm

Argh, it is quite frustrating since Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn Bhd took over Blueserver. It used to be a pretty stable server and even on weekends night which are packed and filled with games, the server would not shut down. Friday night was down for the entire peak hours (I believe is like 10pm to 2am). I think I have faced this one one of the last weekend too.  Now it is down, which gives me time to make this post..haha.


Blueserver players will start to lose faith and move on to other PvPGN server if this continues.

Blueserver is a pretty good server started by Megablue and grow since, but this corporate just came in an took over the server data. I am sorry to say that I am looking for alternatives. Any Malaysian out there play on other PvPGN server? Fast and Stable server would be preferable.

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Pretty Caught up with Facebook Fluff

Friday 28 September 2007 @ 9:53 pm

I was pretty free at my office today, and my wife actually invited me to this fluff application on Facebook. Man, I was pretty hooked. If you do not have one, join fluff here. This is like a pet, but the only motivational part is the race. It is very much like gambling.

Here is a look at my pet. Click here and pet my dragon it if you have this application. You will get 5 munny (pet money) when you give me a pet on my back, which you could use for gambling.

Okay, there is a cheat on this which I found out. Here is a list of other pet which you could gain more munny. Enjoy racing!

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Simpsons on other movie

Thursday 27 September 2007 @ 10:26 pm

Here is some Simpsons snapshot and snapshots from other movie.


Find more Simpsons snapshots.

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Beer is Good for Dieting

Wednesday 26 September 2007 @ 12:24 am

Here is a reason why you have to consume more beer for your weight lost solution.

Miracle Beer DietClick here for more free videos

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Green Light to Down Below

Monday 24 September 2007 @ 10:01 am

This was taken by me at Bandar Baru, Klang. It is not the first time that the traffic light is turned. This time, you get the green light to go down.

Can we just turn the traffic light any direction we want them to be? I rarely stand close to a traffic light, but it could be deceiving if any passerby could just change the direction.


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