Will be attending Webmaster Gathering KL


I am myself and nobody else.

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9 Responses

  1. Danny Foo says:

    Unfortunately, today is a little pack for me. But I do hope see lots of photos from you if possible. :D

    Then make sure got all the hot geek chics you know! LOL!

  2. 8dee says:

    Danny: I am back but not too much photos though, not quite much of a photo guy. Exabytes have the photos of everyone that attended. I am sure that a lot of bloggers will post theirs too.

  3. Edward says:

    No wonder you looks so familiar, it turn out to be the owner of Wahlau.net, saw you at the gathering but didn’t get the chance to talk with you, haha anyway nice to meet you

  4. vangardx says:

    hi 8dee, i taught you are the exabytes crew but im definitely wrong, sorry for my mistake :P

  5. Danny Foo says:

    Hmm, I gotta go hunt around the net. Or maybe webmastersmalaysia.com might have something. *visits there*

    I saw some from eddie law, NO CHICS WAN! Exabytes, where are your hot chics! :P

  6. 8dee says:

    erm…I must say there is very little girls that attended……all doing serious business with their blogs and websites…haha

  7. 8dee says:

    Edward: hehe…no prob…got other chance…..i saw ur post on the gathering…you got some nice pictures

  8. jason says:

    you guys have a very close community… do you know each other from offline? or gethered in blogs only?… it’s sad that tickets to KL are too expensinve for me…

  9. 8dee says:

    this was my first gathering, it was a good opportunity to know everyone your have stalked for past few years in person

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