Ruined by Dr. Alice and her unprofessional staff.


I am myself and nobody else.

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  1. suanie says:

    wahlau, what a waste of time & money!!!

  2. 8dee says:

    yup. absolutely waste of time and money and effort…

  3. aw says:

    Thank you, thank you for publishing the name & photo of the clinic.

    For some unexplained stupid reason, most Malaysians are too damn chicken to name the clinic, restaurant, shop or even blogger that were unprofessional. If you don’t name them, then they will go on cheating other people!

    So thanks for your move, there is at least one normal human out there.

  4. napaboaniya says:

    That’s a calling sign to change doctor!!! I dun see the need to put up with that attitude from dat rude nurse…

    Happy 2008!!!

  5. Adrian Yeo says:

    I wish to write in to highlight a very irresponsible panel clinic of FOMEMA, which is “Poliklinik Family Alice”, address No 46 Lorong Batu Nilam 21A, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, 41200 Klang, Selangor.

    As it is already year end, most of the panel clinic’s quota already full, which leave me no option but to go to this particular clinic for my workers’ check up.

    I registered my 3 workers with Fomema on the 21/12/07. As they are new arrivals, their due date to report to imigration is 4/01/08.

    I went to the clinic on 22/12/07 and was turn down, stating doctor was on holiday and told to come back on Monday. If this is the case, the clinic should have stopped FOMEMA from sending in people to the clinic in the first place, now I cannot go to another clinic.

    On Monday 24/12/07, I went again and told that doctor not back yet, signed my form and told to get the x-ray’s done and told to come back on Friday 28/12/07 for blood test. Is this the even right procedure? I doubt so.

    When I came on the Friday 28/12/07, the clinic is PACKED with foreign workers, ahead of me is like 30+ people with the same fate as me. It was finally done at about 3pm. In total, I’ve lost 3 working days, my 3 workers & I.

    When I called on 2/01/08, the clinic mentioned that they have keyed in the results and all good to go. When I went to Imigration the next day 3/01/08, no records was found. I double checked with the clinic and told they have keyed in and may need 24 hours for fomema to update their system. I’ve called Fomema, they confirmed that results not in yet.

    I called again today 4/01/08, to enquire on the status, Fomema mentioned no results in and the clinic says nurse on leave unable to provide me with reply, and asked me to call again tomorrow. This is too much!!

    My due date for imigration is today and she asked me to call tomorrow!

    I think this clinic should not be granted Fomema Panel. They are now a beauty clinic and no longer a polyclinic as they uesd to be.

    Best regards,

    Adrian Yeo

  6. 8dee says:

    Adrian: You must be kidding, I was there on the same day 28/12/07…I guess everyone are as that was the day she came back from holiday…… Oh …I really hope nothing goes wrong with mine…I will check with Immigration side then.

    Can’t believe that you are facing that situation……I done many formema…most only takes 2-3 hours.

  7. leesha says:

    realy thought of doin liposuction with dr,alice
    what u think?
    normally what the price?

  8. 8dee says: are serious…after the greed for money…and handling foreign worker…i doubt i would recommend anyone there

  9. ranji says:

    alice robbed my Rm5000 to do laser treatment for my acne
    scarred face. she promised me that the scar can be lessened with the package worth rm2000. but once i signed in she took addtional rm500 or more per treatment. my skin became far much worst after her treament as it made my skin more sensitive with much more acne erruptions. after all her laser treatments my skin became heavily pigmented. when i asked her why it became she, she suggested me to signe up for another package to clear off the pigmentation for which i knew that will never work. i believe dr.alice is real robber who robs people’s money for her own aesthetic beauty treamentm.

  10. 8dee says:

    i hope we are talking about the same doctor alice…because that is a huge claim on her…

    anyway…i don’t like her…she is not professional at all….rich in deco…and modern in design…but lousy lousy service

  11. yukiyap says:

    oh~~ thank all of yours infarmation. lucky i didnt go there and do some leser face treatment o ! becauce i received 60200 sms : it say got pomotion 50% off on this month to do the treatment. oh~ really thanks god, i didnt go yet!

  12. vinitha says:

    reall ar ranji!i tot of goin to dr alice for acne laser too! wat do u think

  13. dr X says:

    There seems to be a smear campaign against the doctor and clinic.
    There are other Aesthetic clinics in Klang where even death has occured ie Koh’s Skin and Laser centre.
    Check it out.

  14. Candy says:

    Dear Sir,
    Pls allow me to request for a more professional manner in which to progress this particular article:
    1. The complaint at the start has been addressed by the Doctor.
    2. Further comments below are completely baseless without any proof.
    3 This is degenerating into a personal attack by participants.

    I kindly request that this particular article be withdrawn as it has already been addressed in the original concern.

    I and my family have been treated by this doctor for various health and beauty reasons and she is truly professional and expert in her medical field.
    So please be considerate.

  15. 8dee says:

    Candy: baseless proof? U wanna ask my foreign worker to testify in court? I emailed this article to Dr. Alice, she knows it exists and replied as follows:-

    if she is professional …do the health and beauty thing…don’t to this fomema trying to earn some money while she have no other customer

    if you have eyes…u can see in the picture and even through the glass you can see that it is packed with foreign workers..everything stated is true and it is what happen to me…other comments are the responsibility of the commentators.

    please be fair and don’t come judge my article unfairly because you have a good service and I had a bad experience.

  16. Candy says:

    8dee: As i mentioned in my comments that the fomema complaint has been responded to as in item 1.
    What i meant was the other complaints.
    Anyway your constructive criticisms must be addressed by the Dr and clinic and i agree with you on that.

  17. 8dee says:

    you would like me to remove comment #5 and #9? this is a blog and have the freedom of speech…if you are interested to get them for the truth…there is IP address that is logged on every comment.

  18. shalu says:

    I did treatement with dr alice alice as well almost spent around 13,000 to do laser treatment ,propeel treatement, oxygen treatement,microdermabrassion,and light peeling with monthly recommended product by her as well. she promised me that the scar , acne and pores can be lessened with the package worth rm3500 . my skin became worst after her treament as it made my skin more sensitive, redness with much more acne oftenly. when i asked her why it became she, she suggested me to signe up for another package to clear off the pigmentation .my face so dull and skin tone become dark bcos of this unqualified doctor.I hope MOH /ANTI AGING ASSOCIATIONS AND CONSUMER RIGHTS SHOULD TAKE NECESSARY ACTIONS TOWARDS THIS KIND OF DOCTOR

  19. Catherine says:


    Are u willing to prove about your claim.
    Lets contact the doctor and find out the truth.
    Pls provide real name and contact number.
    I know Dr.Alice very well and so do many other patients. She is truly professional but let us address Shalu’s allegations.
    I challenge you to verify your claim.

  20. Catherine says:

    As expected this is another bogus claim with no truth in it.
    So long as the webhost keeps this particular topic/webpage open there is plenty of dishonest people either jealous or working for rival clinics who will smear this clinic.
    The webhost is encouraging rampant false claims.
    What kind of webhost is this who is unprofessional in keeping this webpage to spoil hardworking people’s livelihood. Is there an hidden agenda as to why this webpage is kept open to smear honest and hardworking people’s livelihood.
    As mentioned by Candy the Fomema complaint has been responded to and we should move on. So please close this webpage of complaints which is being biased to one clinic.

  21. shalu says:

    since you know dr alice very well dont protect her too much catherine . i have experience with her service well and the way she behave to patients such unqualified doctor who make money is her main intentions.we hope others never get cheated and wasting their money in such clinic.This particular doctor like to force patient to sign up as many treatement when their existing treatement are not completed .Those ppl who spent their money will get irritated without result furthermore when the doctor dint respect the patients.I am suprised catherine why you are so concern and angry this much. Maybe you are pretending as dr alice hehe or cousin to her

  22. Priscilla says:

    Catherine…i know who u are…
    haha..tell me how many staff she have now?
    n i strongly believe new one name Saja cannot get long with doc..
    the rest of 2…are desperate..haha

    and her husband Michael….same like doc..

  23. shalu says:

    Dr alice prethima is money minded and cheating the patient.She is quite talented to force ppl sign up as many treatement bcos she want to make money… she will received noticed soon from the authority and i already did the report .

  24. own says:

    can give me ur addrs clinic dr alice at bangsal?

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