Mob Wars Facebook Cheats


I am myself and nobody else.

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  1. Joel says:

    Add me as well:

    Include “mob wars” in the message.

  2. Bob Robert says:

    Google “mob wars manager” for a program that will allow you to add 50 friends per night for less than 5 clicks.

  3. alfecca says:

    Could someone plz tell me if i get a humvee with 18 attack and 16 defence then u need a mini gun which has 12 attack and 10 defence so does that mean the humvee now has 30 attack and 26 defence?

  4. adam m says:

    i think building are the quickest way of making money i have been building my property up since the start at the beginning it was slow but now im lvl 35 sitting on The Bank (Account Balance: $154,923,032,733) making Cash Flow: $101,505,180 every 54 minutes in one day i make $2,436,124,320 thats more then you could make in one day

  5. Rob says:

    I am looking for new recruits in mob and / or mafia wars-step right up and join a winning team-my mob is over 1000 strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. billydgates says:

    my account is frozen by the administrator what should i do? administrator thinks i’m a bot, i am not.

  7. add me says:

    Hey people, im level 120
    you can add me on facebook and invite me and i will add anybody and on my easyspeak thing just tell me and i will add anybody to the hitlis (i make over 400 million)

  8. heymikey75 says:

    Add these two links to your Mob. Or join using the “Join My Mob” link on each profile page.
    Please put “Mob Wars” in the request note.

  9. Mastiff says:

    need members for mob wars

  10. Dr.FeelGood says:

    Joined 472 days ago. The City (Income: $226,571,600, Upkeep: $17,923,670, Cash Flow: $208,647,930 every 60 minutes) “PsTDrFeelGood”, Level 50 Bulletproof
    if you see i havent play that mush but i have billion in The Bank (Account Balance: $385,900,417,702) im just wonderin how i can just lvl up bc i really dont need the money and today i just saw that i have new city so elp me out here ty and have a nice day

  11. greg melnick says:

    I need more mob members..could you add me

  12. Graham says:

    Can anyone tell me how i get
    Race horses,Royal palace blueprints,Bluesnarfing devices etc.
    Thanks in advance Graham

  13. valdigrad says:

    Add me ;) *Mob Wars adds only please*

    (I will delete you from my friends list as soon as you join)

  14. mathew taylor says:

    on facebook search for a group called

    street racing and mob wars mass add me

    join it and you will get loadz of people in you crew i did and have over 900 in 2 days

  15. no name la says:

    my cash flow per time is Cash: $5,013,234,121 ..
    i still dont know the mma fighter stat.. anyone know its att and def stats?

  16. C BANG says:

    Best tip I can give. from someone on L 142, dont wory too much about $ early on. Once you get into the game it flows like water, currently getting 10 didgets per hour. Focus on doing jobs to earn you cards, they may be low but change each level. Sure having lots of $ is good but the weapons are what brings the pain as you get on. Only go for the best.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hello,I’ve been playing mobwars for quite a bit now…im a multi billionaire at level 36/37 so my advice would be…hire gun men…send requests for people to join and buy all the buildings,more buildings,more income,more money,more weapons/armor!Everyday i go on it just to collect my income and do the jobs.i earn about 16/18 mil per day

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