Karoshi Suicide Salaryman Walkthrough


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43 Responses

  1. Evan says:

    wondering how to make it through level 28 (rather the level w/ 28 hearts remaining)

    thank you for your help

  2. cris says:

    How can I overpass level 46,plz?

  3. bobby says:

    that game is fun but hard so how do you get pass level 41

  4. Dakota says:

    How do i get passed the level with two hearts left? It says just give up…

  5. 8dee says:

    **** DO NOT! see further below, if you do not want to learn the walkthrough for this karoshi suicide saraman cheats.

    [Cheat Below]

    [WalkThrough Below]

    [Really, it is below]

    lvl 28: you jump and shot in the air….once your bullet hit the rubber…wait till it is on the right side before droping the safebox…then stand at the right position for the safe to drop on your head.

    lvl 46: move the save to the top of the second button…then drop it and you will be smashed by it.

    lvl 41: shot the box and move below the safe…you will need some tries to get it work

    have fun….this is a great game….

  6. huntalina says:

    how do you pass the level with 7 hearts remaining? the oone with the big K.

  7. ryan says:

    level 7?

  8. daniel says:

    How do i get passed level 45

  9. daniel says:

    how do i get past level 45

  10. daniel says:

    How do u get past level37

  11. daniel says:

    u get past 46 by stepping on the first button and step on the second button. Then you push the box to the first two boxes that disepear and go to the second button again

  12. Zachary Davis says:

    Level 7, simply move to the right a bit, and press the letter K on your keyboard. A magical box will fall on you.

    Anyone ever beat heart 2?

  13. Zachary Davis says:

    Ohhh I beat the game. I know how to beat every level :D

    And to anyone looking for the way to beat heart 2

    Just pick return to menu.

    You know, ‘give up’

  14. holley says:

    how doyou get pass level 21?

  15. holley says:

    never mind i meant level20?

  16. holley says:

    sorry now level 13

  17. steve says:

    how do u beat life 2?

  18. ian says:

    how do i get past level 41?

  19. joe says:

    how do i get past level 32

  20. joe says:

    27 please how do you beat

  21. joe says:

    23 need help

  22. joe says:

    24 please

  23. joe says:

    13 please

  24. joe says:

    never mind level 13 is strange but i got it

  25. Sunny says:

    how do u pass level 45 or level with 5 hearts please tell pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  26. midoh says:

    how can i pass level 3

  27. help says:

    3 hearts

  28. david says:

    how do u get paast level 34???

  29. julieisbaked says:

    how do you get passed level 13?!?!?!?
    it’s driving me nuts

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  31. david says:

    how do you beat heart 3?

  32. hiro says:

    please HELP!! how to pass level 36 it’s getting me out of ma mind !!!

  33. chris says:

    how u beat 3?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  34. chris says:

    nevermind i beat it

  35. Jayk says:

    How do u pass Lvl 35?

  36. Gabriel says:

    How do you get pass the level when you have 41 lives left? It the one with a gun, spikes, a ditch, and a safe on top of a wooden box.

  37. cy92 says:

    pls level 45 how to pass it.???

  38. David says:

    can some1 pls tell me how 2 beat da level with 25 hearts???

  39. David says:

    Forget it

  40. denver says:

    please please please how do u beat level heart 3 chris plz tell me

  41. JD says:

    Level with 10 hearts left, red box says be careful??????

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