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Does Alexa Widget improve Alexa ranking?

Wednesday 2 May 2007 @ 11:57 pm

I am just trying this out as Alexa uses a weird method to calculate a homepage ranking by traffic and page views, but only a small portion of internet user uses Alexa toolbar (I think). Therefore, people are arguing that it is inaccurate, nevertheless, it is one of the method to compare the ranking of a website from another, something like Google Pagerank and Technorati Ranking by backlinks

I am too lazy to install Alexa Toolbar just to add up to my homepage ranking, so I am trying out the widget. Get your Alexa Ranking Widget, and for wordpress and blogspot user, you just have to copy the code and past them in the place you would like it to appear.

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Join my Ning Community at MYBloggers.Ning.Com

Wednesday 7 March 2007 @ 10:40 am

I have just found out about Ning.Com. The idea is pretty smart as they are like friendster/myspace but you are able to make community as I have made my community for Malaysian Blogger at MyBloggers.Ning.Com.

Come support my small community and also start your own community.

Why I call it a smart idea? is actually allowing user to run ads on their own social network and also using your own domain name for a price.

Run your own ads/remove ads – USD19.95/mth
Use your own domain – USD4.95/mth

This way, people will try to promote their community as there is forum, picture and video sharing. I think more feature will be added in the future. But you will have to get at least 200-300 active members to earn more than USD24.90/mth for your cost (I estimate). Maybe someone can give me some idea.

The drawback
The rss feeds could only retreive from only one website. My initial plan was to include all member feeds in my community. But looks like it is not possible currently.

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Klang Community Forum

Friday 9 February 2007 @ 10:52 am

To all Klangers, kindly report yourself to our Klang Community Forum. I believe this website was started by Kimmy Sia. It is nice to have a community forum as Klang is getting bigger and bigger with more cars and houses coming up every month.

Klang Bloggers/Internet Surfer could drop by and maybe even get to know some people around here.

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